Colombo Aqua Start


Colombo Aqua Start

Colombo Aqua Start –

Detoxifies the water, it removes chlorine and protects your fish. The necessary water changes will change the composition of the aquarium water which can cause health problems to the fish. The use of aqua start helps to prevent these problems by making tap water suited for aquariums.


  1. Fill the aquarium with water, add Aqua Start to the water.
  2. After livestock has been added to the aquarium, a weekly water change of 20% needs to be made, add Aqua Start after every water change.
  3. Check the ammonia and nitrite levels twice a week, make an additional water change if these values are too high.

Sizes Available: 100 ml & 250 ml

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100 ML – MPN : A5010900 ,
250 ML – MPN : A5010903

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