Colombo Bacto Balls



Colombo Bacto Balls

Colombo Bacto Balls –

These balls are impregnated with unique Colombo bacteria.

DNA screening techniques have been used to select the best strain.

Use Bacto balls for clean and clear water, an optimal biology, and healthy plants and fish.

Algae growth is also reduced and organic waste decomposed


  • 100 balls per 1000 litres of pond water.

Sizes Available:

  • 500ML
  • 1000ML
  • 2500ML

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Replace monthly
  • Dose the Bacto Balls in your filter or direct into the pond
  • For easy handling Bacto Balls can be put into a media bag which you can hang in your filter or pond
  • Overdosing is not possible; a higher dosage will even enhance its efficiency.
  • UV-devices don’t have to be switched off.
  • Store frost free and out of reach of children

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500ml – MPN: 05020273
1000ml – MPN: 05020275
2500ml – MPN: 05020277

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500ml, 1000ml, 2500ml