Cotswold Puppy 80/20 Raw Mince Dog Food 1kg


Cotswold Puppy 80/20 Raw Mince Dog Food 1kg

Cotswold Puppy 80/20 Raw Mince Dog Food 1kg –

A complete and natural raw diet, with all the nutrients that your growing puppy needs!

  • Quality British meat and local seasonal vegetables
  • Human grade ingredients
  • No added flavours or preservatives

The Raw Puppy Range is based on the Active 80/20 recipe, with the ideal energy density and also calcium to phosphorous ratio for young puppies.

The Puppy Range also contains Diatrum – a natural supplement used to promote gut health in your growing pup!

Puppies need both the right type and right amount of food during their development. They need protein to build growing bodies and calcium for developing bones.

Flavours Available:

  • Chicken – 1kg
  • Beef & Tripe – 1kg

It is recommended to use a guideline of 10% of the puppy’s current weight, if you do not know the ideal adult weight for their breed.

Food should be thoroughly defrosted before serving to your pet. Also, any and all food fed to your dog should be raw.

For safety reasons, once the raw food has been defrosted you should only keep it refrigerated for 48-72 hours.

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Cotswold 80/20 Puppy Working Mince, Chicken 1kg – MPN : MIN1101 ,
Cotswold 80/20 Puppy Working Mince, Beef & Tripe 1kg – MPN : MIN2111

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