Cotswold Turkey Necks 375g

Cotswold Turkey Necks 375g –

A totally natural air dried treat for dogs; perfect for between meals to help keep teeth clean and gums healthy.

No additives and Gluten free.

May contain soft bone.

Our dried treats are 100% natural. The pure meat strips make an ideal reward based training treat.

Key Features:

  • 100% meat
  • Helps keep teeth & gums clean & healthy
  • No additives or artificial colourings
  • Gluten & grain free

Contents/Weight: x 3 (There are 3 turkey necks in each bag).

Meat is the primary and species-appropriate food for a dog.

Dogs can survive without carbohydrates but they cannot survive without protein and fat in their diet.

Muscle meat is first class protein in that it contains all the essential amino acids necessary for dogs of all ages.

Meat also supplies varying amounts of fat as well as some vitamins and minerals.

Fat is the best, most easily digestible and usable energy source for dogs. It provides more than twice as much energy per gram as protein.

Protein and fat should also be in the correct ratio (nearly twice as much protein as fat).

This ratio will be slightly lower (ie more fat) for working dogs that need extra endurance and then higher for puppies.

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Cotswold Turkey Necks X3 375g – MPN : TR4014