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Prefilter material also for trapping small dirt particles and biological conditioning.

The spiral shape ensures the trapping of even small dirt particles.

The high quality, completely water-neutral plastic allows easy and residue free cleaning. Yet the surface structure allows the colonisation of cleaning bacteria and therefore also provides a biological cleaning process.

MECHpro is ideally suited for use in combination with SUBSTRATpro or bioMECH.

Key Features:

  • Prefilter material for small dirt particles
  • Additional effect: biological water conditioning
  • Filter medium from water-neutral plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Suitable for fresh and marine water

Mechanical filter media trap suspended matter and dirt particles. This takes place at various stages:

Firstly, before the water flows through the rest of the cleaning process, EHEIM MECH and EHEIM MECHpro provide high efficiency.

EHEIM FIX is the ideal material to use as a separation layer between the mechanical and biological filter media .

And for fine filtration at the end, before the water returns into the aquarium, EHEIM SYNTH is the ideal material to use.

Sizes available:

  • 1L 90g
  • 2L 180g

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1L 90g – MPN: 2505051

2L 180g – MPN: 2505101

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