Ancol Ergo Double Sided Cat Comb

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Ergo Cat double sided comb

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Ancol Ergo Double Sided Cat Comb

Ancol Ergo Double Sided Cat Comb –

We all know that cats can groom themselves, however, regular grooming by the owner can drastically reduce fur balls and associated problems. Ancol offer a compact yet inclusive range of essential cat grooming items.

A pragmatic tool to detangle and smooth your cat’s coat.

One side of the comb has wide teeth, to gently detangle coarse and long haired coats. The other side has finer teeth to smooth and neaten fur and remove loose hairs, suitable for short hair coats or longer coats that have been detangled.

The medical quality stainless steel pins are round at the ends to prevent discomfort and be gentle on your cat’s skin.

Grooming a cat helps maintain a smooth and glossy coat and can be a lovely way of bonding with your pet.

Regular grooming to remove loose hair, particularly when your cat is moulting, will lessen the amount of fur they ingest when grooming themselves. This will reduce fur balls and associated problems.

Regular grooming will also reduce the amount of shed fur around the home.

ANCOL ERGO GROOMING PRODUCTS: All products made to a high quality and have comfortable handles/grips where applicable.

Please take care when using any grooming / trimming accessory especially with the scissors and nail clippers. If you are unsure about the correct way to use these items please consult a competent person.

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