Ancol Ergo Stripping Comb / Blades



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Ancol Ergo Stripping Comb / Blades

Ancol Ergo Stripping Comb / Blades –

All these products are made to a high quality and have comfortable handles/grips where applicable.

Please take care when using any grooming / trimming accessory especially with the scissors and nail clippers. If you are unsure about the correct way to use these items please consult a competent person.

Ergo Stripping Comb Used in the same way as a rake, the stripping comb uses a replaceable razor blade which ‘shaves’ the hair. Ideal for removing unwanted hair from wiry, long, and silky coats.

When the comb is run down the dog’s body, the replaceable blade will strip away straggly and unwanted hair leaving a smooth and neat coat.

The Ergo range from Ancol has a variety of tools to maintain your pet’s coat, skin, and claws. Ideal for wiry, long and silky coats.

Ergo Stripping Comb Blades These blades are replacement spare blades for the Ergo Stripping Comb each pack has 3 blades in. (3 Pack)
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Ergo Stripping Comb – MPN : 405700,
Ergo Stripping Comb Blades 3pk – MPN : 405600

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