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eSHa alx 20ml

eSHa alx 20ml –

A veterinary medicine for ornamental fish against parasitic species of Crustacea (Maxillopoda), such as Argulus (carp lice), lernaea (anchor worm), Ergasilus (gill lice), Salmincola (gill lice), etc.

The parastic Crustacea occur on and in the skin of fish and also on the gills.

The symptoms caused by these parasites are similar: trying to jump out of the aquarium/pond; scraping the entire body along stones and the bottom; visible areas where parasites have bitten (which subsequently become white as the skin dies); pale gills; listless behaviour; skittishness; weight loss; separating from the group; not eating; etc.

Key Features:

  • Effective treatment against parasitic crustaceans
  • Suitable for use in freshwater and marine aquariums and ponds
  • Well tolerated by plants and filters
  • 20ml also treats 4000 litres

Size: 20 ml

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eSHa has over 50 years research and manufacturing expertise in:

  • Disease treatments for ornamental fish.
  • Supplements for tropical fish.
  • Anti algae and snail treatments.
  • Products for aquatic plant growth and health.
  • Test strips for determining water quality.

and manufacturers of well-known products such as eSHa 2000® (Fungus Finrot & Bacteria Treatment), eSHa Protalon 707® (Anti Algae Treatment) and the award-winning eSHa Aqua Quick Test (the first and original 6 in 1 test strip).

With eSHa the focus is always on ease-of-use and also good value for money.

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