eSHa EXIT Anti White Spot Treatment



eSHa EXIT Anti White Spot Treatment

eSHa EXIT Anti White Spot Treatment –

Effective treatment against all ‘Spot’ (Ich or Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) causing parasitic species.

EXIT treats Whitespot, Import spot, Pepper spot, Black spot and Coarse spot.

EXIT also cures velvet.

Very effective in treating white spot disease. It doesn’t contain any copper and is safe to use with shrimp, snails and scaleless fish.

White spot can be recognised by white spots on the body & fins and the fish rubbing and scratching against (hard) objects.

eSHa EXIT distinguishes itself from other products by also treating ‘velvet’ disease (Oodinium), as well as ‘Ich’ parasites (Ichthyophthirius).

Key Features:

  • Acts fast against Whitespot
  • Excellent against other Spot Parasites
  • Well tolerated by sensitive fish
  • No threat to fish, plants or filters when dosed correctly
  • For tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria
  • Treats 1000 ltr (220 Gal)

Size: 20 ml / 180ml

You can use eSHa EXIT in combination with eSHa 2000 – Fungus, Finrot and Bacteria Treatment. This combination provides you with a broadly effective tool to then treat most diseases your fish will encounter.

Use eSHa EXIT for the following symptoms: Whitespot and Velvet. Also for other SPit diseases.

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eSHA Exit 20ml (Whitespot) – MPN : RC005

eSHA Exit 180ml (Whitespot) – MPN : RC006

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