eSHA Tortufit 10ml


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eSHA Tortufit 10ml

eSHA Tortufit 10ml –

Specially formulated for freshwater turtles in aquaria or small tanks without filters.

This treatment prevents fungal/bacterial infections, solves ‘Popeye’, protects the skin as well as stimulating recovery from illness or injury.

eSHa Tortufit will also remove harmful chlorine from tap water.

In addition, eSHa Tortufit binds organic waste and increases the amount of oxygen available, keeping water healthier and cleaner for longer.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Specially formulated for freshwater turtles in aquaria
  •  Prevents fungal/bacterial infections
  • Stimulates recovery from illness or injury
  • Keeps water healthier and cleaner for longer

eSHa has over 50 years research and manufacturing expertise in:

  • Disease treatments for ornamental fish.
  • Supplements for tropical fish.
  • Anti algae and snail treatments.
  • Products for aquatic plant growth and health.
  • Test strips for determining water quality.

and manufacturers of well-known products such as eSHa 2000® (Fungus Finrot & Bacteria Treatment), eSHa Protalon 707® (Anti Algae Treatment) and the award-winning eSHa Aqua Quick Test (the first and original 6 in 1 test strip).

With eSHa the focus is always on ease-of-use and also good value for money.

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