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Exo Terra Light Bracket Dome Support Fixture

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Exo Terra Light Bracket Dome Support Fixture

Exo Terra Light Bracket Dome Support Fixture –

Designed to suspend the Exo Terra Light Dome or other types domes or wire fixtures above any Exo Terra Natural Terrarium or other glass terrarium securely.

Easily adjusts to fit most types of fixtures or to regulate heat/light according to required terrarium conditions by moving the rubber washers.

Since you do not have to move the bulbs after installation – together with increased ventilation – the light bulbs’ (basking lamps, Solar Glo, etc.) life span will drastically improve.

Key Features:

  • Light Dome or Wire Light suspension bracket
  • Easily adjustable
  • Extends life span of light bulbs
  • Suspends most light fixtures securely
  • Helps prevent accidental tipping
  • Prevents terrarium damage

Please note the domes are NOT included but can be purchased separately here.

Exo Terra has become the market leader for natural terrariums and herpetofauna because of our commitment to successful, continuous innovation. We turned a reptile “cage” into a “terrarium” by taking a natural approach to reptile and amphibian keeping.

Exo Terra’s natural approach has created a tremendous evolution in the world of terrariums. Our extensive product range–filtration, lighting, habitats, heating, nutrition, substrates and accessories–creates more naturalistic terrarium landscapes and makes reptile and amphibian keeping more exciting and satisfying than ever.

All products and components are designed to work together, creating a harmonized natural-looking micro-habitat. By combining the right Exo Terra products you can then cater to almost any species from almost any specialized habitat.

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Exo Terra Light Bracket for Light Domes – MPN : PT2223