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Exo-Terra Reptile Fountain Water Dish with Pump

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Exo-Terra Reptile Fountain Water Dish with Pump

Exo-Terra Reptile Fountain Water Dish with Pump –

This is a unique water dish that supplies your reptiles and amphibians with a continuous supply of fresh, clean, aerated drinking water, as any reptiles do not recognise stagnant water as a source of drinking water, due to this, you should have a form of moving water for them.

The Reptile Fountain’s constant movement of water tumbling down from the rock in fact encourages reptiles to drink more, keeping them healthy and hydrated. Not to mention, the continuously flowing water raises humidity levels in the terrarium.

The stable and compact design subsequently make it easy to install and difficult to tip over, not only this, as The Exo-Terra Reptile Fountain is easy-to-maintain, as it consists of only two pieces that you can easily dismantle for cleaning purposes. This includes an Exo-Terra Repti-Flo pump to provide water circulation.

As a safety measure, for smaller species, small stones or gravel may be added. Tap water should be treated with Aquatize to remove chlorine and heavy metals.

Adding Biotize will help to keep the water cleaner longer, as well as promoting necessary beneficial bacteria and reducing odours associated with decaying waste.


  • Continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water
  • Stimulates drinking behavior of reptiles
  • Increases humidity levels
  • Compact and stable design
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Pump included


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