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Exo Terra Sub Stratum Bioactive Volcanic Substrate

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Exo Terra Sub Stratum Bioactive Volcanic Substrate

Exo Terra Sub Stratum Bioactive Volcanic Substrate –

Collected from the mineral-rich foothills of the Aso Volcano in Japan.

The natural volcanic soil, formed from andesitic and rhyolitic tephra, is very nutrient rich, ideal for lush plant growth in bioactive planted terrariums.

The porous surface allows for excellent drainage and aeration, supporting strong root growth.

Sub Stratum’s friable, low density structure promotes a flourishing population of beneficial, nitrifying bacteria, creating a self-sustaining, living terrarium ecosystem.

The active beneficial bacteria of the soil will decompose biological waste, keeping the terrarium clean and healthy.

Key Features:

  • Natural bioactive soil
  • With live beneficial bacteria
  • Keeps the terrarium clean & healthy
  • Eliminates ammonia & odours
  • Great drainage capabilities
  • Ideal for bioactive planted terrariums

Sizes available: 2kg or 4kg.


  • Sole Substrate: When using as the sole substrate, add a layer of 1-2″ (2,5 – 5 cm). The live bacteria will activate when the substrate comes in contact with water or waste. The organic matter will decompose over time and the absorbing properties of volcanic ash will eliminate odours by trapping the decomposed materials.   Note: Rinse the Sub Stratum and replace partly every 12 months.
  • Drainage Layer: Add a top layer of biological substrate to this substrates layer for optimal bioactivity and drainage. Plants can be secured in the top layer of the plantation soil, while their roots will thrive in the sub layer of Sub Stratum. Use a top layer of leaf litter. It is most important to provide dry areas, shelter and dwelling surfaces for all organisms in the terrarium. Meanwhile it will prevent evaporation of the underlying layers.
  • Mixed-in: By mixing the Sub Stratum with other organic substrates, as a result you enrich any substrate with the required minerals like calcium, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. It also aids in the water retention capacity and provide adequate air supply to the roots. Only use tap water treated with Aquatize (PT1979) in bioactive planted terrariums to remove heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramines. The regular use of Turtle Clean (PT1998 or PT1999) to add extra beneficial organisms to the terrarium water will support the biological filtration capabilities.

Ingredients: Natural Volcanic Soil (Andisol), Active Carbon, Live beneficial bacteria (Bacillus)

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