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Exo Terra Terrarium Bio Draining Mesh 45x45cm


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Exo Terra Terrarium Bio Draining Mesh 45x45cm

Exo Terra Terrarium Bio Draining Mesh 45x45cm –

Part of the BioDrain Terrarium Draining System.

The non-toxic mesh will keep the underlying Draining Substrate separated from the decorative terrarium top-layer substrate.

It also allows proper water drainage when used in combination with the BioDrain Terrarium Draining Substrate, as it prevents contamination of the water by decorative substrate particles.

Ideal to create water parts and a biological filtration system in the terrarium. You can then circulate the clean aquarium water in waterfalls, the Exo Terra Rain System or Dripping Plants. (Sold separately). 

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic non-decomposable liner
  • Create a water drainage system
  • Also prevents substrates from contaminating the water

Measurements: Small, 45 x 45 cm / 18” x 18”

  1. Wash the Bio Drain Terrarium Draining Substrate thoroughly and then spread it evenly in the terrarium.
  2. Create a water part by removing substrate in the desired location. Cover the substrate entirely with the Bio Drain Terrarium Draining Mesh.
  3. Add a biological substrate like Plantation Soil on the terrestrial (land) area.
  4. Add an aquatic substrate like Turtle Pebbles or Riverbed Sand to the water part and then add water.

Thanks to Exo Terra’s natural approach, the terrarium hobby has evolved tremendously over the past few years. We turned a reptile “cage” into a “terrarium”!

All Exo Terra products and components have also been designed to work together, helping you to create and establish a harmonized natural-looking micro-habitat. By combining the right products, Exo Terra surely makes it possible to cater to almost any species from almost any specialized habitat.

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Exo Terra Bio Mesh 45 x 45cm – MPN : PT3132