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Exo Terra Tiki Terrarium



Exo Terra Tiki Terrarium

Exo Terra Tiki Terrarium –

“Tiki” is back!

The Exo Terra Tiki range surely brings an exotic Hawaiian tiki style to your terrarium. The Tiki Terrarium features a Polynesian totem incorporating the orange Exo Terra Gecko from our legendary logo.

Look into your terrarium and dream into this tropical paradise with crystal clear waters, pearly white beaches and also wind rustling palms.

The tiki culture was created in 1933 and was also inspired by the New Zealand Polynesians of Maori.

In Maori mythology, Tiki is the first human being created by the gods.

Tiki today refers to a large or small wood carving or also a stone sculpture in human-like form.

Key Features:

  • Glass terrarium
  • Also with a unique Tiki back wall!
  • Front glass ventilation
  • Waterproof floor
  • Raised floor frame
  • Net grid cover made of high quality stainless steel
  • Also two doors for an escape-proof access
  • Lock to prevent “breakouts”
  • You can easily fasten the power grid cover
  • Lockable channels for hoses and / or cables
  • Recesses on the back for hoses and / or cables

Sizes available in: 30 x 30 x 45cm and 45 x 45 x 60cm

Decoration for illustration purposes only.

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Exo Terra Tiki Terrarium Mini – MPN : PT2596 ,
Exo Terra Tiki Terrarium Small – MPN : PT2597

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