Fluval Edge Algae Magnet

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Fluval Edge Algae Magnet

Fluval Edge Algae Magnet –

Specifically designed for Fluval EDGE aquariums.

The Algae Magnet enables you to clean the inside of the aquarium’s glass without getting your hands wet. Its slim design is ideal for hard to reach areas, such as beneath the gravel line, behind heaters, around rocks and decorations.

A large internal scrubbing pad also makes it easy to see what you’re cleaning.

The powerful magnets ensure a tight grip and the non-abrasive cleaning pads will not scratch the glass surface. It also has a specially-designed floating magnet retriever.

Suitable for glass aquariums only, fresh or saltwater.

Key Features:

  • Retrieval string to clean interior glass without getting hands wet
  • Slim design for easy access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Large, non-abrasive scrubbing pad surface
  • Powerful magnets also ensures a tight grip
  • Floating magnet retriever
  • Suitable for glass aquariums only
  • For use in freshwater & saltwater aquariums

A world leader in quality aquatic products. For over 30 years, it has earned the trust of fish-hobbyists by making innovative products that deliver many valuable benefits.

Fluval has surely earned a global reputation for excellence in product innovation and dependability.

Fluval, a trusted leader in aquatics, committed to staying at the market forefront by developing technically advanced and creative products. Easy to use, durable, and convenient.

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