Gardman Flip Top Seed Feeder

Gardman Flip Top Seed Feeder

Durable, plastic feeder for all types of bird seed, sunflower seed and peanut bites

Flip top lid for easy filling and cleaning

  • Gardman Flip Top feeders are perfect for keeping food dry
  • Easy to fill up and clean
  • Easily hangs in trees and on dining stations

How to Use

  • Simply remove the lid of the top of the feeder and fill with bird seed.
  • Hang from a tree, dining station or from our universal feeder hook

Where to Site

  • Site your feeder 2 metres from cover to make the feeder visible, whilst providing a safe place to retreat
  • Put out food at the start of the day to ensure that birds can replace the energy they have lost overnight

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Gardman Flip Top Seed Feeder – MPN : A01234