Gardman Paint Your Own Nest Box


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Gardman Paint Your Own Nest Box

Gardman Paint Your Own Nest Box –

The Gardman Paint Your Own Nest Box is a plain feeder that is perfect to decorate and paint with your own designs – ideal for keeping children busy!

Key Features:

  • Made from FSC® certified timber
  • Comes with four non-toxic paints as well as two brushes
  • It will attract a variety of birds including sparrows, great tits and also nuthatches
  • Also available “Paint Your Own Feeder” – another great fun activity for kids! (Sold Separately)

Where you place your nest box is important.

Ideally you want to create a safe and comfortable environment for the birds.

Where to Site The Nest Box:

  • Shelter from wind, rain and direct sunlight
  • The front of the nest box should be angled slightly downwards to prevent rain from entering
  • When fitting, use galvanised or stainless screws / nails that will not rust
  • If fixing to trees use galvanised wire to tie the box to the trunk or hang it from a branch. Regularly inspect the fittings
  • Make sure cats and squirrels cannot get into the box
  • Install it high up (at least 3 metres) on a wall

Providing a home for birds to lay their eggs is kind and caring, plus its fun to watch the baby birds learn to fly too!

As well as looking for food, wild birds come to our gardens in search of shelter to nest and raise their young.

So come on, put up your own nest box and give a feathery family a cosy home sweet home…

Who will you spot visiting your garden?

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