Happy Pet Cardboard Cat Scratch Ramp & Catnip

Happy Pet Cardboard Cat Scratch Ramp & Catnip –

The Hugs Cardboard Cat Scratchers, designed specifically with scratching in mind.

Perfect for keeping cats claws in great condition whilst safely satisfying their natural scratching instincts, all cats will love to sink their claws into the corrugated cardboard strips.

  • Keeps claws healthy
  • Satisfies natural scratching instincts
  • Catnip included

The ramp also features holdes in the sides for you to add treats and toys for them to paw at and adds a different dimension of play. With catnip also included, they won’t be able to resist!

Size: 51 cm

Pet health, happiness and wellbeing is our passion and we endeavour to ensure that every product we create is perfectly crafted and constructed to support the natural instincts and unique lifestyles of each animal.

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Cardboard Cat Scratch Ramp With Catnip – MPN : 10600