Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Nuggets 2kg


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Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Nuggets 2kg

Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Nuggets 2kg –

Complementary feed for guinea pigs, also containing a single all-in-one nugget to help avoid selective feeding.

Harringtons Optimum is a fully extruded, all in one, nugget diet for Guinea Pigs.

Containing all the ingredients required for a healthy diet, each nugget contains balanced nutrition. This helps to avoid selective feeding and also promotes optimum health.

With no artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar and with extra added vitamin C. Natural antioxidants included to also help improve digestion.

We have also added extra vitamin C in a protected form to help keep your guinea pig healthy. It contains a variety of high quality ingredients in a balanced formulation. Fortified with vitamins and minerals to help support your guinea pig’s immune system.

We also recommend providing unlimited access to fresh hay to supplement your guinea pig’s diet and help prevent boredom.

Size: 2 kg

We love pets and want the best food that is delicious, nutritious and means we get to enjoy our time with them more. There are no artificial colours or flavours in our foods, just loads of natural ingredients.

With our history in manufacturing, we think we understand the importance of giving your pets the best possible food, using quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, and free from artificial colours and flavours.

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