Hozelock Cascade Medium Fountain & Waterfall Pump (1500LPH)

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Hozelock Cascade Medium Fountain & Waterfall Pump (1500LPH

Hozelock Cascade Medium Fountain & Waterfall Pump (1500LPH) –

Offers a choice of fountain display functions and comes complete with a number of accessories.

Ideal for decorative ponds with a range of sizes for operating everything from a small water feature to larger combined fountain and waterfall displays.

You can also pump water to a filter and directly back to the pond, or down a waterfall.

Cascade features:

  • High efficiency motor for low running costs and long life
  • Flow controls to adjust size of fountain and waterfall independently
  • Ball joint for fountain stem angle adjustment
  • Anti-clog foam free inlet cage also reduces maintenance
  • Special outlet for waterfall or feature with quick connect hose coupling
  • Telescopic fountain pipe

Model: 1500     Max. Fountain Height: 1.20m (3′ 11″)     Max. Flow Rate: 1500 LPH     Flow Rate @1m: 900 LPH   Max. Head: 1.80m (5′ 11″)   Waterfall Width: 0.12m (0′ 05″)    Wattage: 33


  • Fountain – Position the pump off the bottom of the pond with the fountain head above the water level.
  • Waterfall – Attach a hose to the pump outlet, run it to the top of the waterfall and then secure in place.
  • Combined: Fountain & Waterfall – Install the pump as if for a fountain and then attach a hose to the T-Piece and run it up to the waterfall.
  • Water Feature – Pumps sit comfortably in the reservoir of small, self-contained water features.

Water Features: All models can run water features with the attachment of appropriate pipe.

Fountains: All Cascades come complete with a telescopic fountain stem and also a selection of distinctive fountain displays.

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Cascade Medium Fountain & Waterfall Pump (1500lph) – MPN : 3354B0000