HugglePets Adjustable Snappy Dog Collar


HugglePets Adjustable Snappy Dog Collar

HugglePets Adjustable Snappy Dog Collar –

Buckle in for a walk without worry with the HugglePets Snappy Dog Collar – a fully adjustable, weather-proof collar for dogs that’s easy to use, comes in a wide range of great colours, and is guaranteed by HugglePets to last through even the worst of weather conditions.

The ease comes from the simplicity of sliding the clip around the collar until you find the best size for your pooch, as well as the sturdy plastic buckle and strong welded D ring for attaching a lead.

The material of the collar itself is made from strong woven fabric that’s designed to take whatever your dog can throw at it.

Sizes available:

  • Small (20-30 cm)
  • Medium (30-50 cm)
  • Large (45-70 cm)

Colours available: Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Pink or Orange

How do you fit the collar properly? Simply use the two-finger rule: this means that you should be able to slide two of your fingers underneath the dog’s collar without it feeling too constricting or too loose – in other words, just right.

The HugglePets Snappy Dog Collar comes in Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Pink and Purple – a great selection for styling your dog’s outfit to your heart’s content, and the same beautiful colours found in the other leads, collars, harnesses, etc. in our range.

If you’ve got multiple dogs of the same breed, this is a great way to tell them apart!

And there’s just three sizes to choose from, giving you a simple choice depending on the general size of your pooch – Small, Medium and Large.

Remember that if you’re buying a collar for a puppy, then consider what size they might grow too beforehand.

Did you know that the HugglePets Snappy Dog Collar comes with a Lifetime Guarantee? Find out more here!

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Small, Black – MPN: 807947
Medium, Black – MPN: 808005
Large, Black – MPN: 808067
Small, Red – MPN: 807954
Medium, Red – MPN: 808012
Large, Red – MPN: 808074
Small, Purple – MPN: 807961
Medium, Purple – MPN: 808029
Large, Purple – MPN: 808081
Small, Blue – MPN: 807978
Medium, Blue – MPN: 808036
Large, Blue – MPN: 808098
Small, Pink – MPN: 807985
Medium, Pink – MPN: 808043
Large, Pink – MPN: 808104
Small, Orange – MPN: 807992
Medium, Orange – MPN: 808050
Large, Orange – MPN: 808111

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