HugglePets Bubbly Tails Paw & Nose Balm


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HugglePets Bubbly Tails Paw & Nose Balm

HugglePets Bubbly Tails Paw & Nose Balm –

Keep paws and noses soothed with the Bubbly Tails Paw & Nose Balm.

When things get a bit warm and dry, it’s not always ideal for your dog as their nose and paws can become dry and cracked, only leading to discomfort. But with this balm, all it takes is a small application to the affected areas to soothe and repair, hopefully getting things back to normal in no time.

What are the benefits of this balm? Well…

  • Has a soothing effect on dog noses and paws.
  • Promotes healthy skin cell growth and regeneration.
  • Protects paws from things like chemicals, ice, concrete and other rough surfaces.
  • Reduces inflammation and itching.
  • All of the Bubbly Tails products are Vegan friendly.
  • Its gentle formulation is Puppy Approved, so it can be used on dogs of literally all ages.
  • The whole range is completely free of paraben preservatives, which can often have adverse effects on certain dogs.
  • And it’s made right here in the United Kingdom.

Size: 50 g

How do you apply this product to your dog’s nose & paws? Well, pick a time when they’re relaxed so there’s not much squirming or fussing.

Clean your hands first as you’ll be making prolonged contact with sensitive areas and could spread infection easily. Then just rub or dab the product directly onto the nose & paws – a gentle cloth would also work.

Here are some additional tips for keeping your dog’s paws and noses healthy:

  • Trim your dog’s nails regularly. Long nails can put extra pressure on your dog’s paw pads, making them more susceptible to cracking and irritation.
  • Rinse your dog’s paws and nose with water after walks. This will remove any dirt, salt, or other irritants that may have accumulated.
  • Check your dog’s paws and nose regularly for signs of irritation or injury. If you notice any problems, treat them promptly to prevent further damage.

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