Interpet PF1 Monthly Service Kit


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Interpet PF1 Monthly Service Kit

Interpet PF1 Monthly Service Kit –

Monthly service kit for PF1 (3 pack) – for Coldwater or Tropical Aquariums up to 68 Litres.

Contents: 3 x service kit – Contains fine floss & carbon pad and clears and purifies water.

Key Features:

  • Unique bonded fine floss & carbon pad
  • Keeps water crystal clear & healthy

Why do i need to replace my floss & carbon pad? – Filter floss will become blocked with trapped material and the carbon capacity for removing toxins will become exhausted. Replace every month to keep your aquarium healthy, clean & clear.

Instructions for use: Remember to change your filter media once a month to keep your aquarium healthy, clear and clean.

  1. Carry out a 25% water change – remember to use Tapsafe to treat tap water.
  2. Disconnect power, remove PF head, then remove floss/carbon pad from inside PF body.
  3. Discard of old floss/carbon pad and then replace with new monthly service pack.

After cleaning your filter, or when adding new fish, it is advisable to add Fast Filter Start (sold separately) to boost the beneficial bacteria population of your aquarium.

Top Tip… why not set a reminder in your calendar, or set a day each month to service your filter e.g. the first of the month?

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