Interpet Weekend Food Block


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Interpet Weekend Food Block

Interpet Weekend Food Block –

Slowly dissolving food block; ideal for feeding your fish when you’re away.

Feeds up to 12 fish for up to 4 days.

Fish are remarkable creatures and can survive for relatively long periods of time with very little food – just as they may have to in the wild.

Even so, while you’re away on a short break or holiday it’s crucial that you provide them with a source of balanced nutrition to help keep them in peak condition. Interpet Food Blocks are just the ticket.

The special formulation includes all the necessary proteins, minerals and trace elements to keep your fish healthy, active and colourful whilst helping to balance water quality.

Each food block contains freeze dried tubiflex, daphnia, brine shrimp and mosquito larvae.

Key features:

  • Slow dissolving block will not cloud the water
  • Stabilises the water quality in your aquarium for a healthy environment
  • A complete food that also gives your fish all their vital nutrients
  • Suitable for both tropical and coldwater fish

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