JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganjika

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JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganjika

JBL Aquadur Malawi/Tanganjika –

Mineral salt water conditioner to raise the hardness of Lake Malawi/Tanganyika aquariums.

Fish and invertebrates need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as in the wild. Transform your aquarium water into biotope-like water to protect your aquarium dwellers.

Like many tropical waters the waters of Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi have a special feature: Their carbonate hardness is higher than the general hardness. That’s because soda sources supply the lakes with a lot of carbonate. This is bound to sodium and not to calcium or magnesium.

For a species-appropriate keeping and breeding of the lakes’ animals it is also advisable to reproduce these special water parameters. You can achieve this by adding JBL Aquadur Malawi-Tanganjika.

  • For aquarium water to suit both fish and plants: to achieve ideal water values for aquarium dwellers from the Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika
  • Water values close to nature: adding it increases the carbonate hardness more than the general hardness
  • Healthy water, healthy fish: promotes well-being, health and spawning readiness of the cichlids. Increases the hatching rate of juvenile fish. Optimal growth. Brilliant colours
  • Optimal dosing thanks to measuring spoon. 250 g mineral salt for 800 l Lake Malawi water or 300 l Lake Tanganyika water

Contents: 1 tin Aquadur Malawi / Tanganjika, 250 g. To use: 1 measuring spoon (18.75 g)/100 l water results in an increase of about 2.5 ° dKH

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