JBL Aquarium Thermometer DigiScan


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JBL Aquarium Thermometer DigiScan

JBL Aquarium Thermometer DigiScan –

The water temperature in aquariums is of crucial for animals and plants and should therefore be monitored.

Most tropical fish are most comfortable at temperatures between 24 and 26 ° C.

But there are also fish which prefer lower temperatures. The discus is one of the fish that is happier in higher temperatures between 27 and 29 ° C.

With a large LCD display the Digiscam thermometer is much easier to read.

Even the those with bad eyesight can read the large temperature read out.

We have also found them to to quite accurate and the sleek design of the Digiscam thermometer does not spoil the view.

It installs by fixing the to tank with double sided sticky foam and the temperature sensor is kept in contact with the aquarium.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Reads from 0c -40c in 0.1c increments
  • Battery operated
  • External fish tan thermometer
  • Battery included
  • Fits easily with sticky pad
  • Highly accurate
  • Suitable for any aquarium with flat surface

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