JBL Artemio 1 (Extension)

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JBL Artemio 1 (Extension)

JBL Artemio 1 (Extension) –

Breeding container to extend the ArtemioSet.

An unbalanced fish diet can lead in the long term to deficiency symptoms, diseases and also fatty degeneration of organs.

Provide your aquarium dwellers with a varied died in the form of live food. When catching or purchasing live food there is a risk of introducing bacteria and parasites into the aquarium.

Producing your own live food has many advantages:

  • Free of parasites
  • Rich in fibre & healthy
  • Not just a „pool“ anymore
  • Promotes the hunting instinct of the fish
  • Also increases readiness of spawning
  • Easy, quick and convenient
  • Affordable alternative compared to frozen food
  • It’s fun to do it yourself

Fix the breeding container on the ArtemioSet stand. Connect the breeding container to the air forwarding device.

  • Home-grown Artemia Nauplii in 24-48 hours: breeding container without air pump and hose.
  • Assemble breeding container and, if wished, attach to additional stands via bayonet catch. Air hose can then be connected from one breeding container to the next
  • Also additional aeration device for staggering the setting up times of several breeding containers: a continual supply of live food for sensitive young fish
  • Fixed installation: stand to connect to other breeding containers. Optional wall mounting.

Package contents: 1 breeding container to extend the ArtemioSet. Incl. 1 funnel shaped breeding container with dome cover, 1 stand with screws

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