JBL Blanki

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JBL Blanki

JBL Blanki –

Non-scratch aquarium glass pane cleaner.

Food and plant remains and metabolic products pollute the aquarium water.

By cleaning the tank and accessories and by carrying out regular partial water changes, your aquarium inhabitants will stay happy and you will surely enjoy your aquarium more too.

JBL Blanki removes algae, lime and other deposits from the aquarium pane within minutes. The glass pane cleaner is also non-scratch and easy to handle.

NO JBL glass pane cleaner causes scratches in the glass. But just ONE sand grain between cleaner and glass can cause scratches!

The use of JBL Blanki is also highly suitable for children. The cleaner is chemically neutral, non-rust and also has no blades.

Length: 70 mm     Width: 54 mm

  • Crystal-clear aquarium panes: very efficient glass pane cleaner to remove algae and dirt
  • Convenient to use: clean inside the pane using the steel wool pad with its convenient handle, using circular movements
  • Safe and optimal for children: chemically neutral, no blades, non-rust
  • Note: not suitable for plastic panes! It is important that NO sand reaches between pad and pane

Package contents: 1 non-scratch aquarium glass pane cleaner

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