JBL NovoLotl 150g

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JBL NovoLotl 150g

JBL NovoLotl 150g –

Axolotl are amphibians, like newts and frogs.

Unlike other amphibians they remain in their larval stage with external feathery gills their whole life.

Axolotl originally come from a lake in Mexico. Situated high up and has therefore low temperatures at about 20 °C.

Nowadays Mexico City has expanded so much that the lake is located within the city. It can hardly sustain wildlife due to rubbish tipping and other contamination.

As a result axolotl is considered extinct in its original habitat.

  • Complete nutrition and ideal growth for Axolotl, newts and African dwarf frogs from 8-20 cm with 3 mm food pearls
  • What makes it special: it complements the natural nutrition with fish meat of freshwater fish (which is very special!), amphipods and shrimps
  • The selected ingredients provide better digestion and therefore for less water contamination (= less algae)
  • Axolotl find their food by their sense of smell (olfactory). That’s why the smell of the natural ingredients is crucial
  • You can store for 3 years unopened. Use within 4 months after opening. 250 ml supply food for a 100 l aquarium for 50 days

Feeding recommendations – Feed 1 – 2 times a day, as much as can be eaten within a few minutes.

You can keep unopened the food tins for 3 years, after opening use up within 4 months, since valuable vitamins will deteriorate.

Other good reasons to use JBL fish food:

  • The use of pure fish protein without cheap fish meal
  • Optimal protein/fat ratio
  • Mainly proteins from water animals
  • Reduction of algae growth and also optimum fish growth. This thanks to adapted phosphate content
  • Impressive acceptance on the part of fish. Research expeditions with fish feeding trials in the wild
  • Very slight vitamin loss due to airtight sealed packaging

Sizes available in: M and XL – (Weight: 150 g)

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M 150g, 250ml – MPN : 3035400,
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