JBL ProAquaTest KH Carbonate Hardness


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JBL ProAquaTest KH Carbonate Hardness

JBL ProAquaTest KH Carbonate Hardness –

Quick test to determine carbonate hardness (KH) in freshwater/marine aquariums & ponds.

Right water values are dependent on the fish stock and the plants in the aquarium/pond. Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With bad values diseases or algae can also appear in the aquarium/pond.

To maintain a healthy aquarium/pond with conditions close to nature it is important to check and also adapt the water values regularly.

Package contents: 1 KH quick test, incl. one reagent and plastic cuvette. Reagent refill also separately available.

With these water tests you can recognise algae problems and negative nitrate, nitrite, potassium, magnesium values etc.

  • Simple & reliable monitoring of the water values in aquariums & ponds. Determines the ideal carbonate hardness in fresh & marine water.
  • Colour change test: fill plastic cuvette with sample water, add reagent drop by drop until colour changes from blue to yellow. Number of drops = level of carbonate hardness.
  • When to use: for setting up a new aquarium: once a week, then afterwards once a month

Why test? – The well-being of aquarium and pond dwellers and the healthy growth of aquatic plants depend to a large extent on the KH level being kept as constant as possible.

The carbonate hardness is one of the most important water values since it keeps the pH level stable. The KH should never drop below 4 °dKH.

Recommended KH values:

  • Freshwater aquarium (community aquarium): 5-12 °dKH
  • Lake Malawi/Lake Tanganyika aquarium: 7-20 °dKH
  • Plant aquarium with few fish (aquascaping): 3-8 °dKH
  • Marine aquarium: 7-10 °dKH
  • Pond: 7-10 °dKH

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