JBL ProAquaTest PO4 Phosphate Sensitive Refill


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JBL ProAquaTest PO4 Phosphate Sensitive Refill

JBL ProAquaTest PO4 Phosphate Sensitive Refill –

Right water values are dependent on the fish stock and the plants in the aquarium/pond. Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With bad values diseases or algae can also appear in the aquarium/pond.

To maintain a healthy aquarium/pond with conditions close to nature it is important to check and also adapt the water values regularly.

With these water tests you can also recognise algae problems and negative nitrate, nitrite, potassium, magnesium values etc.

  • Determines the phosphate value for perfect plant growth or possible cause of algae growth in freshwater/marine water & ponds
  • Laboratory comparator system to compensate the inherent water colour: fill glass vials with sample water, add reagents to a vial, place vials in holder, read values off colour chart
  • Use: when setting up a new freshwater or marine aquarium: once a week. With algae problems & for checking tap water

Why test? – In an aquarium, phosphate primarily enters the water as a result of the digestive processes of the fish or in the form of food remains.

In ponds, phosphate primarily enters the water as a result of leaves and dying pond plants/algae. If conditions are un-favourable, the phosphate levels may reach values that are sometimes 100 times higher, and more, than natural levels.

Undesirable algae will then multiply exponentially as an inevitable consequence.

Recommended phosphate values:

  • Freshwater aquarium (community aquarium): 0-0.4 mg/l
  • Lake Malawi/Lake Tanganyika aquarium: 0-0.4 mg/l
  • Plant aquarium with few fish (aquascaping): 0.1-1.5 mg/l
  • Marine aquarium: 0-0.1 mg/l
  • Pond: <0.05 mg/l

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