JBL ProFlora Direct 19/25 +


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JBL ProFlora Direct 19/25 +

JBL ProFlora Direct 19/25 + –

High performance direct diffuser for CO2.

The right CO2 concentration in the water is of great importance for the aquarium plants. Carbon dioxide is the main nutrient for plants and also promotes their growth.

Plants use the CO2 for the photosynthesis and thus supply the water with essential oxygen. They prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and also reduce pathogens.

This practical CO2 direct diffuser saves a diffuser in the aquarium, a bubble counter and a check valve. It even saves 20 % CO2 thanks to its ingenious functioning. All that you need is an external filter with a suitable hose connection

In order to ensure that the CO2 gas passes as far along the inside of the hose as possible, the direct diffuser needs to be integrated into the hose as close as possible to the external filter.

A vertical mounting position will ensure the best readability of the bubble counter.

  • For an economical and direct plant fertilisation: CO2 diffuser for external filters
  • Easy to install: connect to hose of external filter
  • Exact dosing: integrated bubble counter, also no water backflow thanks to backflow stop
  • 20 % CO2 saving due to an especially effective diaphragm

Package contents: high performance direct diffuser, ProFlora Direct, inline diffuser

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