JBL Pronovo AutoFood BLACK

JBL Pronovo AutoFood BLACK –

Black automatic feeder for all aquarium fish.

Practical automatic feeder, designed for the automatic feeding of aquarium fish. The feeder is suitable for all granulates up to 3 mm. Flakes, tablets and sticks cannot be moved on properly in the screw conveyor.

Key Features:

  • Practical automatic feeder: automatic feeding for aquarium fish – For all granulates from 1 to 3 mm.
  • Easy to set: up to 4 feeds per day with individual food quantities. Holds up to 125 ml and can also extend to 375 ml by screwing on a 250 ml food tin
  • On/off switch for manual operation, easy adjustment of feeding times and quantity. With adapter ring for JBL PRONOVO tins 250 ml
  • Air connection to keep food dry, universal attachment by suction cup or holder clamp (rotates 360° on its holder)

Package contents: automatic feeder for aquarium fish with holders and 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries and adapter ring for 250 ml JBL PRONOVO tins

You can programme the JBL PRONOVO AutoFood for up to 4 feeds a day. The feeder has an on/off switch for manual operation. You can easily set the feeding times and quantity on the display.

The feeder also has an air connection to keep food dry.

You can mount the feeder by suction cups or with a sturdy clamp mount. You can rotate the holder through 360 °.

With the help of an included adapter ring, the JBL PRONOVO 250 ml tins also fit on the automatic feeder if the volume increases from 125 ml to 375 ml. Otherwise the food is filled into the feeder – then the format of the tin does not matter.

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