JBL Pronovo Colour Grano S


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JBL Pronovo Colour Grano S

JBL Pronovo Colour Grano S –

Granulated colour food for vibrant colours in all aquarium fish from 3-10 cm.

Key Features:

  • Strong colour formation in aquarium fish due to high-quality, natural astaxanthin (a carotene) from krill shrimps
  • Prebiotic aquarium fish food: dedicated dietary fibres in the food supply the beneficial intestinal bacteria with food for a healthy digestion
  • Natural raw ingredients without artificial additives for a natural diet and healthy aquarium fish. Tested on JBL research expeditions in the tropics
  • Very high acceptance even in choosy fish species thanks to high-quality raw ingredients such as salmon, squid and krill

Package contents: original sealed, air- and light-tight, recyclable tin with click doser as feeding aid

Fish show their colours with almost any food, but their colouring can be intensified by certain types of food, just like in humans with a diet of carrots. Mating or fighting males show how intense the colours can be in fish.

JBL does not use cheap carotene, however, but natural astaxanthin (also a carotene) obtained from krill shrimps and spirulina algae. This is considerably more expensive, but it is a natural way to promote the beautiful colours of the fish.

The composition of JBL PRONOVO COLOR has been chosen so that it can also be used as a staple food like JBL PRONOVO BEL.

Size: 100ml (56g)

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