JBL Pronovo Malawi Flakes M

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JBL Pronovo Malawi Flakes M

JBL Pronovo Malawi Flakes M –

Aquarium staple food flakes for growth-feeding cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika from 8-20 cm.

Key Features:

  • Prebiotic & floating aquarium fish food: dedicated dietary fibres in the food supply the beneficial intestinal bacteria with food for a healthy digestion
  • Natural raw ingredients without artificial additives for a natural diet and healthy aquarium fish. Tested on JBL research expeditions in the tropics
  • Very high acceptance even in choosy cichlid species thanks to high-quality raw ingredients such as spirulina, spinach and shrimps
  • With very high-quality natural astaxanthin from krill and spirulina, which ensures perfect colour formation in cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika

Package contents: original sealed, air- and light-tight, recyclable tin with dosing aid in the lid

In the Rift Valley lakes of East Africa (Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika), many cichlids have adapted to graze the algae growth from the rocks for the microorganisms living in them (herbivorous growth eaters).

JBL PRONOVO MALAWI was developed for these species.

Sizes available:

  • 250ml
  • 1000ml

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250ml – MPN: 3120818
1000ML – MPN: 3120918

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