JBL Pronovo Red Holiday Food


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JBL Pronovo Red Holiday Food

JBL Pronovo Red Holiday Food –

Holiday food for goldfish and veiltails.

Provide your goldfish and goldfish breeds with a food store for up to (3 x) 6 days.

Key Features:

  • Use: add food block to the aquarium. It sinks to the bottom and (1 block) provides food for about 1-3 fish of 8-20 cm size for 4-6 days
  • The block consists of a calcium compound that adds some general hardness to the water when dissolved. It dissolves slowly as the fish intake the food
  • Natural raw ingredients without artificial additives for a natural diet and healthy aquarium fish. Tested on JBL research expeditions in the tropics

Package contents: 3 food blocks. 1 block supplies 1-3 goldfish from 8-20 cm with food for 4-6 days

Aquariums contain the easiest pets for owners to care for during a weekend or holiday trip! With goldfish especially it’s absolutely no problem.

For a weekend or longer holiday, the aquarium owners have a choice: either feed JBL PRONOVO HOLIDAY RED or use an automatic feeder (JBL AUTOFOOD), which is filled with their preferred food granulate.

The food blocks in are made of a natural calcium compound which slowly dissolves when the fish “nibble” on it.

The calcium is even positive for many aquariums as it adds some calcium to the water (general hardness/GH).

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