Johnson’s Ear Cleanser


Johnson’s Ear Cleanser

Johnson’s Ear Cleanser –

For regular cleaning of the ears.

A gentle action to soften, dissolve and aid removal of wax and other debris from the ear canal.

Johnson’s Ear Cleanser is antibacterial, non-irritant and no staining.

You may also use regularly to help keep ears clean and free from excess wax, which can lead to other ear problems.

Key Features:

  • For regular cleaning of the ears
  • Softens & aids removal of wax and other debris from ear canal
  • Antibacterial
  • For dogs & cats

Sizes available: 18 ml and 40 ml.

Never probe inside the ears as this can cause pain and injury to the ear canal and ear drum.

Ear problems can also be due to mite infestation, in which case use Johnson’s Ear Drops to kill ear mites.

Directions for use: May be used once or twice weekly, or as required, to help prevent build up of wax and other debris.

Warm drips gently to body heat e.g. hold bottle in hand for a few minutes before use.

Hold bottle above ear and very gently squeeze 3-6 drops according to size of animal as shown below.

Hold head on one side for 15-20 seconds to allow the drops to penetrate the ear canal, massaging gently the base of the ear, before allowing the animal to shake its head.

Repeat with other ear.

Wipe any excess cleanser and dislodged wax from top of ear canal with cotton wool.

Long-eared Dogs: Use drops as above, but long-eared dogs may also require regular cleaning of the underside of the ears.

Apply drips to cotton wool and gently wipe skin areas without probing into ear.

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JHNS EAR CLEANSER 40ML x 1 – MPN : 196211,
JHNS EAR CLEANSER 18ML x 1 – MPN : 576614

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