Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets

Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets –

A complementary feeding stuff.

Containing a natural plant extract which helps control unpleasant breath and body odours in dogs, puppies and cats.

Key Features:

  • For breath & body odours
  • Helps control unpleasant breath and body odours
  • Fresh mint flavour
  • For dogs, puppies and cats

Contents: 30 Tablets.

Unpleasant breath in dogs and cats is frequently due to bad teeth and gums, usually caused by the formation of tartar.

The diet should also include roughage and crunchy material to help to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Other causes of bad breath include digestive upsets, constipation and worm infestation for which appropriate treatments are available.

However, you should consult a Veterinary Surgeon for an occasional inspection of teeth and gums or if any problem persists.

Directions for use: Give the number of tablets as below twice daily, morning and evening.

You can give more tablets if you need to. Give them whole or crush and then mix in food.

Johnson’s has made huge investments in marketing and advertising since the beginning of the new millennium, now regarded as the dominant force in pet health products.

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