King British PH Plus 100ml

King British PH Plus 100ml –

The King British pH Plus increase the pH of water by non-alkaline buffers in coldwater, tropical & marine aquariums.

Ideal for use with Lake Malawi & Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids.

  • Prevents sudden pH collapse, which is also lethal to fish.
  • Increases the stability of the pH in soft water areas

Size – 100ml

  1. Test the pH and carbonate hardness (KH) prior to use, in order to assess the required pH adjustment.
  2. Carefully calculate the volume of water to be treated making adequate allowance for the displacement of water by gravel, rocks and equipment.
  3. Shake bottle well before use.
  4. Using the pipette add 1ml of pH Plus for every 5 litres (1 gal) of water. Alternatively, add 1 capful (4ml) for every 20 litres (4 gals) of water. Depending on the KH, one dose will also increase the pH by between 0.1 – 0.5.
  5. Wait at least 20 minutes before re-testing the pH and KH. If necessary, repeat the above steps. Do not add more than two doses per day.

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