King British Sludge Remover 250ml

King British Sludge Remover 250ml –

Biological removal of organic waste from ponds and filters.

King British Sludge Remover is an environmentally friendly, unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria that consumes organic waste (including sludge from dead algae) from ponds and filters.

Over time a layer of sludge can build up on the bottom of your pond, consisting of dead plants, algae, fish waste, uneaten food, leaves and other dead organic matter. This can be dangerous to fish because it reduces the amount of oxygen available for respiration. It can also release dangerous gases into the water.

Sludge also reduces the efficiency of the filter leading to poor water quality. It encourages excessive algae growth, which can choke the pond, as well as making ponds look murky and dirty.

King British Sludge Remover is safe for use in ponds that may contain frogs.

  • For a clean, healthy pond
  • Environmentally friendly

One 250ml bottle will treat up to 2,250 litres of pond water.

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