Komodo Basking Spot Bulb (BC)


Komodo Basking Spot Bulb (BC)

Komodo Basking Spot Bulb (BC) –

A specially designed basking lamp, ideal for tropical and desert species.

They surely provide a perfect heating and lighting source for any diurnal species of reptile, amphibian or invertebrate.

Key Features:

  • Focused beam directs heat efficiently towards the basking site
  • Also emits up to 90% of power as beneficial Infrared heat rays
  • Optimum heat source for efficient thermoregulation & metabolism
  • Moderate output of UVA rays also stimulate appetite and the immune system
  • You can also thermostatically control for safer use

90% of the energy used by this bulb is also emitted as beneficial warming infrared rays.

Efficiently directing heat at the desired basking location providing optimal thermoregulation within your animal.

Wattage available:

  • 50 W
  • 75 W
  • 100 W
  • 150 W

Products catering for all of the needs of reptiles.

Reptile pet keeping is more popular than ever. Recent research shows that there are now probably more reptiles pets in the UK than there are dogs, with around 8 million reptiles in over a million households.

As reptile keeping goes mainstream around the world, it is no surprise that more and more pet stores are then catering for this growing industry sector.

Komodo reptile products are proven to perform:

  • For reptiles: reliable products to provide habitat enrichment and welfare benefits.
  • For keepers: equipment that looks great, is easy to install and also simple to use.

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50W, 75W, 100W, 150W