Komodo Crested Gecko Starter Kit


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Komodo Crested Gecko Starter Kit

Komodo Crested Gecko Starter Kit –

This enclosure contains all your customer needs to get started with Crested Geckos.

The enclosure is suitable for young geckos right through to adulthood.

Kit includes:

  • Terrarium
  • Thermostat
  • Light Dome
  • Infrared Spot Bulb
  • Bark
  • Kidney Dish
  • Orchid Bark Forest Terrain Fine
  • Hanging Vine
  • Heat Mat
  • Dual Guage
  • Moss
  • Advanced Crested Gecko Diet 75g
  • Small Spray Bottle
  • Comprehensive set-up guide

NOTE: Contents may vary and example image shows additional decor that isn’t included in this kit

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