Komodo Large Basking Platform Ramp

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Komodo Large Basking Platform Ramp

Komodo Large Basking Platform Ramp –

Ideal for providing your reptiles with a perfect basking spot.

The design of the ramp fits neatly in a corner and allows easy observation of the reptiles without disturbing them.

It will give them a safe spot to rest or hide, reptiles and amphibians can easily become stressed which will affect their well-being and appetite.

The hide area beneath also provides a shelter or cooler, moister area in the terrarium or vivarium.

We recommend that if you add some damp moss this will provide enrichment, which will also help increase the humidity and encourage shedding.

Made from high density resin, which makes it easy to keep clean, hygienic (minimises bacterial growth) and low maintenance.

The resin is also perfect for helping to create a more natural realistic looking habitat.

Colours available in:

  • Sandstone
  • Grey
  • Brown

Size: Large

You should never underestimate the importance of a dedicated hiding area for many species; it can be key to maintaining a healthy, calm reptile.

Reptile pet keeping is more popular than ever.

Recent research shows that there are now probably more reptiles pets in the UK than there are dogs, with around 8 million reptiles in over a million households.

As reptile keeping goes mainstream around the world, it is no surprise that more and more pet stores are then catering for this growing industry sector.

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