Laguna Replacement Quartz Sleeve with O-Rings

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Laguna Replacement Quartz Sleeve with O-Rings

Laguna Replacement Quartz Sleeve with O-Rings –

These are a Replacement Quartz Sleeve and 2 pcs of O ring for Pressure Flo and Clear Flo Filter 14000.


Always unplug or disconnect all appliances in the pond from the electrical supply before installing, repairing, maintaining or handling the equipment in the water.

Prior to installing the unit, check the quartz sleeve for damage during transportation as made with glass. Handle with care.

Do not test the UV-C lamp unless you have fully assembled and closed the filter.

Important: See section “Changing the UV-C lamp and cleaning the quartz sleeve of the instruction manual for complete installation steps.

For an electronic version of the instruction manuals please go to the “Pond Help” section at

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Warning: Read and follow all point in the “IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS” section of the instruction manual.


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Replacement Quartz Sleeve with O – MPN : PT1607