Lucky Reptile Coco Planter

Lucky Reptile Coco Planter –

Coco Planters are 100% natural products without chemicals or pesticides. Made of cocoa fibres, natural gum also used as adhesive.

The advantage of these coco fibre planters is that the roots of the plants can grow together with the fibres. If the planter finally gets too small for the plant, you can also transfer both plant and coco fibre planter into a larger planter.

You can use the Coco Planter for terrariums, aquariums, ponds and also as a regular planter for your home and garden.

  • 100 per cent natural products
  • No chemicals or pesticides
  • Made from cocoa fibres
  • Suitable for terrariums or vivariums
  • Can also be used for terrariums, aquariums, ponds

Size – Small, 0.7L

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LR Coco Planter 0.7L small, CP – MPN : DLP050