Marina 17W Aquarium Compact Heater

Marina 17W Aquarium Compact Heater –

A 17-watt compact, submersible heater for use in indoor aquariums.

Designed to reach and maintain the pre-set temperature of 26º C (78º F), without having to make any adjustments.

Exterior is made of a tough polymer so that it will not crack or break like traditional glass sleeve heaters.

It includes an LED running lamp that illuminates when in use and it shuts off automatically when not submersed in water.

Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums up to 17 litres (4.5 U.S. gallons).

Its sleek and compact design makes it ideal for use in Nano aquariums. It also comes complete with 2 suction cups for easy and secure installation.

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Key Features:

  • Integrated thermostat set to 26 °C / 78 °F.
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Heater will increase aquarium temperature by 4 °C (7 °F) above ambient room tempertature
  • Will automatically shut off when it reaches the water temperature
  • Safe for plastic or glass aquariums
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums

Suitable For: Fresh and saltwater aquariums       For Aquariums: Up to 17 litres (4.5 U.S. gallons)


Marina – dedicated to providing a wide variety of user-friendly and affordable aquarium products for all levels of fish keeping.

Marina’s vast product line surely has something for every fish hobbyist. Beginners will truly enjoy the convenience of our fish starter kits!


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