Marina Decorative Aquarium Gravel 450g


Marina Decorative Aquarium Gravel 450g

Marina Decorative Aquarium Gravel 450g –

Create a colourful aquascape in your aquarium with Marina Decorative Gravel.

The gravel is epoxy-coated, which makes the gravel inert and also prevents any adverse effects on water chemistry.

Research shows that epoxy-coated gravel also provides an optimum surface for the colonization of beneficial bacteria, which in turn provide biological filtration for clear and healthy water.

Colours available:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Rainbow
  • Black

How To Calculate Your Fish Tank Gravel

Fish Tank Gravel Calculation – How much gravel do you put in your tank? Is it enough? These questions may come to light before calculating

how much gravel to put in your fish tank.

Gravel stones are not only a healthy substrate for your fish tank, but they are also a great feature too.


Working out the amount of gravel to use for a 2-inch gravel depth in your Fish Tank: So just how much gravel should you be putting in your tank?

Here’s the Fish Tank Gravel Calculation Guide:

1: Multiply the length of the tank by the width of the tank – For example 30 inches x 12 inches = 360 inches

2: Divide the answer by 10 – For example 360 inches / 10 = 36

3: Convert your answer into kg (kilograms) – to do this divide the answer by 2.2 – Also for example 36 / 2.2 = 16.4 Kg

    ANSWER = 16.4 Kg!  The amount of gravel needed for your fish tank!

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Marina Decorative Gravel Black 450g – MPN : 12390,
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Marina Decorative Gravel Rainbow 450g – MPN : 12385,
Marina Decorative Gravel Red 450g – MPN : 12381

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