Marina Deluxe Bubble Disc



Marina Deluxe Bubble Disc

Marina Deluxe Bubble Disc –


The Marina Bubble Disc provides excellent aeration, improved circulation and also decorative highlights.

Ideal for adding accents in any aquarium, they also increase surface agitation and accelerate oxygen replenishment.

They also help release carbon dioxide build-up.

  • Provides powerful aeration and also water circulation
  • Textured black base
  • Slightly oval
  • Also helps release carbon dioxide build-up

Sizes available in:

  • Small7.5 cm (3”) Deluxe Bubble Disc
  • Medium10 cm (4”) Deluxe Bubble Disc
  • Large12 cm (4.75”) Deluxe Bubble Disc

Please use the drop down menu above to select your preferred size.

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Marina Deluxe Bubble Disc, 10 cm (4?) – MPN : A986 ,
Marina Deluxe Bubble Disc, 12 cm (4.75?) – MPN : A987 ,
Marina Deluxe Bubble Disc, 7.5 cm – MPN : A985

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