Fed ‘N’ Watered Smart Sipper Drinker Fun

Fed ‘N’ Watered Smart Sipper Drinker Fun –

Ergonomic design for maximum consumer appeal

Available in fun green or blue for the more contemporary consumer appeal in store

Gravity feeders – fill from the top so food and water rotation ensures older food and water fed before newer to minimise unfresh food or stale water in the feeder

Integral moulded – non slip rubber feet with wavy design ensures they never fall off, even in the dishwasher

Suitable for puppies, dogs, cats and kittens.

Size – 1.5 Litre

Please note there are green & blue colours and one will be sent at random unless you message us with a required colour. We will do our very best to accommodate this.

Click here for the Fed ‘N’ Watered Smart Snacker Feeder Fun!

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DOG DRINKER FUN COLS 1.5LT x 1 – MPN : 538940